The Schreinermanufaktur


EMME® - Your Swiss Kitchen
We made our river to become your favourite brand


The joiner manufactory
upon the Emme

Situated in the Swiss Emmental on
the banks of the river Emme,
this landscape and its deep roots of
history became part of our identity.

It all started when an outdated wheelwright decided to transform his small workshop into a joinery. Hence, all kinds of individual furniture were produced. Combining traditional craftsmanship with technological progress first small scale batch productions soon became possible. From 1940 onwards, the small family business prospered to become Switzerland's leading custom joinery offering the full range of interior outfitting; unlike many others the company was never forced to specialise in specific products. With more than 120 employees the company has nowadays grown into an extended family.

Time and growth also changed the profile of our work. Apart from wood all kinds of material are being processed, and manpower is aided by technology. Modernization smoothly adds to our core competence of artisanal skills. The enormous amount of experience accumulated over the years while highly trained specialists and fine craftsmen have been working hand in hand. That's why our self-conception is still that of a manufactory rather than an anonymous factory.

Due to our history we have grown deeply attached to our environment and thus attentive to environmental matters. Our values are determined by the unique nature and culture of the Emmental. Therefore all our produce is marked with the unmistakeable sign of true EMME craftsmanship.

Experience weighs down
in golden values

not everything that's possible proves to make sense in the long run. It takes lots of experience to decide on best practice. Our ever growing Experience is the treasure we willingly share with you.

3'551'357h 42min 16sec

This hour meter of experience is based on the years of service our active team has accumulated while working together. A full-time position counts for 1'797.97 h p. a.