Joining Dreams and Living

Live up to your style & feel at home in your own space

Contemporary lifestyle has rediscovered the traditional concept of open spaces. Kitchens open up to living rooms, to friends and to endless possibilities. Instead of cramping your life with dull furniture we join in on your ambition to fill your home with the unbridled freedom of your personal unfolding.

The art of living requires finesse, determination and an unmistakeable sense of style. This is your part in the creative process. Our contribution is to capture your personality and help you translate your personal lifestyle habits into something tangible. Thus your home will become a part of you.



_ And all this time
_ the river flows ...


Emme – a kitchen like no other, made to measure your style and your Budget

Not only in Swiss houses the kitchen is the core of every home. Day in day out, a kitchen witnesses the preparation of meals, pastry and feasts. It is the place for experiments, for stimulating discussions and communication in general. It's simply the centre of our living together, where we talk, work, laugh and banter.

Thus a kitchen has to be more than equipment boxed up behind pre-built cabinet doors. In our understanding, a customized kitchen is part of your holistic concept of living. That's what we call “EMME® - Die Schweizer Küche”, a kitchen made to measure your lifestyle.

Each piece of furniture that leaves our production comes in true EMME® quality, which implies that it is hand-built to order by Swiss craftsmen using sustainable raw material and clean energy.



Design by the way
of listening closely


The professional team in our design studio in Langnau will assist you to create your out-of-the-ordinary space of living

Living is about more than making yourself feel at home. Some practical questions have to be considered, e.g. sleeping, dressing, children's needs and toys, just to name a few. Our team of skilled joiners and planners is well acquainted with the essential questions of life. Each of them brings his life experience to his work and willingly incorporate much of it into the dialog of planning. You may rely upon them to find the perfectly fitting solution for your individual lifestyle.
In addition you will find an exquisite show room displaying some of our creations on two floors. It is meant to inspire your own planning, to offer the possibility to discover and immediately try out new technologies and to make EMME craftsmanship not only visible but tangible.


Made to measure
individual human factors

Comfort Design makes the time spent in your kitchen more relaxing

Our approach to kitchen design is a radical departure from industrial standardisation. Normally appliances and pre-built cabinets come in strictly fixed standard sizes according to average measures of the average EU-housewife. The outcome is mediocre mass production working only for average people. We are convinced, however, that personalities deserve their truly individual kitchen.
Thus we start by defining your personal counter height. In ergonomic therms, the critical dimension for determining the hight of your future work surfaces is not so much your body hight but the distance from the floor to the underside of the chef's elbow when it is bent at a right angle. With your telling us about your habits and your very personal ways to perform everyday tasks, the design process soon takes shape. Made-to-measure cabinets and appliances are arranged accordingly.
Especially working with handicapped clients has always been a rewarding experience for us underlining the true essence of the human factor and ergonomics. It is our pleasure to built kitchens and bathrooms out of the ordinary, carefully tailored to our client's body measurements, his and her abilities and preferences.

Made for me

Optimal counter heights

Anything but average

One of the first steps towards your own personal EMME® kitchen is to determine your individual counter height. We help you to find out how preparing food becomes more comfortable and more efficient with far less energy. Even more demanding tasks such as knifework – the chopping, slicing and dicing – are performed more easily when human factors & ergonomics are taken into consideration.

Optimizing Workflows

Designed to shape cooking and living

Tell us about the role the kitchen of your dreams will have to play in your home! Will it have to stage one chef only, or will your kitchen be a much lived in space to accommodate several persons? How about a kitchen island? And, do you want everything neatly boxed up behind closed cabinet doors, or do you prefer open storage adjacent to the place where the items are used. Together we make sure that everyone enjoys your EMME® kitchen and everything is close at hand.

Personalization to the max


Meticulous planning and ergonomic design makes life more easy and enjoyable for everyone. For people with physical disabilities, however, it becomes indispensable. For bathrooms and kitchens we create a barrier-free design to give access to all people whether abled or disabled. Our experienced team offers individual solutions to increase safety, accessibility, and independence for people who want to live independently.


All the things of life

Well thought out interior fittings comfortably gets your house in order

Modern life tends to gobble up more and more space in our homes. Each family member is in need of some room to accommodate a home office, and the increasing variety of recreational activities and sports gradually accumulates all kinds of equipment. Clutter becomes a constant threat.

Fortunately however, orderliness and cleanliness are commonly considered original Swiss traits. No wonder our Swiss joiners and planners provide for the best hideaway storage solutions. Making use of every nook and cranny our expert planners help to efficiently clean off the floor and make your home feel joyfully cleaner and calmer.

for every


Home at last!

Make it simple but meaningful

Designing your future home you embark on a journey to your inner self. To achieve unparalleled personalisation careful planning is required. Take your time to let your dreams take shape, make your own design suggestions and collaborate with our expert planners and experienced joiners. Apart from being master of their craft, they are good and attentive listeners. Join our team to design and craft your unique expression of living.

The traditional virtues of Swiss design consist in the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Custom-made kitchens and furniture in true Swiss EMME® quality is part of this tradition and offer a wide range of possibilities to enhance your personal style of living.

Planning Tools & more

Advice & Inspiration

Redefining the possible

In our show room and design atelier in Langnau you will find a team of highly qualified consultants. All of them have been working as joiners in different stages of the production before focussing on design and interior planning. Thus they can give expert advice on materials as well as on technical applications and will help you to create an unique expression of your own lifestyle.


Meet our team

Planning security

For all needs and all budgets

Our planners go to great lengths to make your kitchen or your interior fitting exactly as you have always envisaged it. For us the accepted norm is rather a challenge than a boundary. We aim for nothing less than perfection in order to meet your needs and preferences. Thus your EMME kitchen will finally fit perfectly into your space and into your budgetary framework.

Cloud rendering kitchens

A recipe for success

In every state of the planning process the latest version of your kitchen and interior fittings will be come alive with photorealistic visualization. The cloud based interactive 3D experience will be available online and grants you all the time you need to discuss your plans and visions with your family and to check on Details.

Start planning

Free Online Planning

When dream kitchens start to take shape

Before making an appointment and involving our specialists you can take the fist step yourself. Get inspired by some basic facilities and take your time to think about the space available in your home and what type of layout you would like for your new kitchen. Rearrange and try different styles until you’re satisfied with the result.
Start online planning

Start planning

Colour & Light Studio

Limelight on your worktop surface

Colour and lights may create contrasts or convey harmony originating a pleasant ambience. Let's focus on the vast variety of surfaces: which are your favourite colours? Which material to choose for your worktop? Which light installation to combine with your choice? In our studio you can playfully test all the combinations and effects.

3D Cinema

Experience your future home virtually

Just take a seat and watch your plans come alive on the big screen. Before starting production, we show an interactive live-size model of your future kitchen in 3D rendering in order to adjust every little details to your own personal habits.

3D Renderings

Added values

Trademark EMME

The quality of of craftsmanship

There is an unmistakeable sign for true Swiss handcraftsmanship: EMME® is our final seal of approval which you will find on cabinets and cupboards or in the drawers produced in the Emmental. We stand by our word and grant you a 10 years guarantee period on our work.

experience the EMME values


Assembly & Installation

Reliability to the last

Pursuing the single-source philosophy, our own assembly team plays a crucial role in staging your dreams of living. Finally it's them who deliver and expertly assemble kitchens and furniture in your own home. Housewives are usually pleased to discover that our joiners handle vacuum cleaners and cleaning rags with the same careful routine as they apply assembly tools.

The slow food movement

Good, clean and fair: sustainable products made by local artisans

The recipe for your dream kitchen is quite simple. We keep to serve up measure-made kitchens with a scoop of experience, a delicious topping of craftsmanship and sprinkles of personalized features. We will build your kitchen with all its ingredients and distinctive details to match your particular needs leaving you to enjoy your role as chef.

Show Room

Welcome to
the Emmental!

In the very heart of Langnau our design atelier displays inspirations for future homes

Well designed furniture is secondly of impressive beauty because it is highly functional and suitable for daily use in the first place. That's why we start to design your furniture from scratch according to your individual needs and wishes.
Our show room in Langnau is mainly meant to inspire your own design, give you some ideas, display possibilities and a selection of the latest kitchen appliances. Exhibits may change but the core values will unalterably remain: the competence and experience of our devoted designers who will faithfully assist you in creating great spaces for living.
You are very welcome to drop in at our showroom in order to get a glimpse of our work and understand about our motivation, about the joy and quality of fine craftsmanship. Thinking about our strive for perfection, our address in Langnau is easy to remember and even more easy to find at the main road (Dorfstrasse) of the small town: simply 1A!

Visit us at Dorfstrasse 1A 

360° Inspiration

Open 365 days a year: the virtual tour through our show room