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Switzerland's “SILiCON-VALLEY” for wood processing crafts

The Emmental valley in west central Switzerland has always been of rural character. Enclosed as well as protected by high mountains, its hilly landscape bears witness to the region's eventful history. It tells of revolutionary ideas, of headstrong geniuses and of the art of how to survive violent repression and the calamities of nature. And the struggle goes on in times of economic pressure built up by foreign suppliers of more and more cheaper products.

With the Emmental people, the saying comes true that necessity is the need of invention. Since ancient times they are known for their assertiveness and their inventive talents. Their crafted goods built up the reputation of being ingenious, sturdy and just a little bit better and more reliable than elsewhere.


Never fail to see the wood for the trees

Wood and large forests are the main feature of the Emmental landscape. Old wooden farmhouses, their characteristic steep roofs with wide overhangs nearly reaching the ground, indicate that wood has always been the most treasured raw material of this region. Wood is the history and legacy of the Emmental and its renowned wood processing crafts. No wonder that we carpenters and joiners have grown especially attached to our preferred renewable raw material and to nature which provides it. Even though our profession has seen many changes we remain true to these values.

M = Men & Women

Common values provide the bond and promote Talents

Over the years, our family business has grown to become an extended family. Though we sometimes have to speak of employees, apprentices and management our self-concept has always been and will always be that of a family where men and women stick together in mutual respect and affection. Our family values passed on from generation to generation pertain to our company's structure, function, attitude and ideals providing each and everyone with a sense of identity. In this way we try to empower our junior staff since tradition is kept alive by innovation and new talents.


the art of reshaping the tree

Our Emmental manufactory is a place where beauty is made. And is has always been a foundry of ideas where the extraordinary is conceived. Our engineers and craftsmen fuse art and technology in the constant strive for perfection. In a world that has become more and more complex up to the risky point of getting complicated we tend to aim for the ingenuity of simplicity. Best to take a leaf of nature's book and learn that the reduction to the max results in the perfect shape: ingeniously simple and simply ingenious.

Creating Values

EMME® registered guarantee mark


Exclusive products from the Swiss Emmental based on responsibly managed and renewable Swiss raw materials (FSC certificate), processed and produced by thoroughly trained joiners combining traditional handcraftsmanship with state of the art technologies.


We guarantee for the quality, perfection and persistence of our work. Every singe piece, each custom-made item as well as large-scale productions of interior fittings are produced under one roof with reliable Swiss accuracy.

Made to Measure

Being able to master large scale production for competitive prizes, our products are highly individual, piece by piece made to order and are thus far from being described as mass-products. With us quality is certainly not a question of Price.


EMME® is the registered trademark for all products and performances of “Röthlisberger – Die Schreinermanufaktur”. It serves as designation of origin and our final mark of approval,  a symbol for diligent craftsmanship. We grant a full 10 years guarantee on our work.

It's the people who form
the ever rich fountain
of labeled EMME properties

Let the people speak for themselves

“Everyone of us is a lone warrior when it comes to specific tasks. Nevertheless, we work in an atmosphere of team spirit and companionship. Unlike the machines we expertly know to operate, we are human beings with all our faults and flaws. Apart from the indisputable strong points each of us brings to work, we know about these too and respect each other even the more. That's how we master the art of working together hand in hand.”

Fritz Stettler, machine operator

“Joinery work is not only about wood. Especially when building a personalised kitchen for a client, we use and combine an abundance of materials like granite, glass, metals, ceramic - just to name a few. I am concerned with the surface treatment, thus adding colours or special coatings. A perfect finish will also protect the material, conserve its natural beauty and make surfaces easy to clean for the new owners of our kitchens.”

Hanspeter Gerber, surfaces & finish

“Me and my team are generally the last workers to start at the construction site which sometimes becomes a challenging confrontation with realities that may critically differ from plans and schedules. Most of the time we have to make up for the loss of time in earlier stages. Being a passionate climber and mountaineer I like sporting challenges and usually reach the summit with a good balance of experience and creativity. My professional peak victory: to hand over the flawlessly assembled kitchen or the neatly installed fittings to beaming housewives and grateful contractors.”

Werner Ramseier, fitter and mountaineer

“My father's and grandfather's pioneering spirit has defined us and is kept alive as our constant strive for perfection. To the legacy of handcraftsmanship technological progress has added a great deal. Cutting edge technology helped to speed up today's work process and brought about the relieve of manpower and an essential increase in occupational safety. Thus our investment in innovation has proved right. Though machinery plays an increasing role, we have no ambition of becoming an industrialised factory. As the values of craftsmanship has lead our grandfathers they lead today. I am convinced that the idea of a modern manufactory will last into the future – a place where engineers and craftsmen dedicated to each bespoke piece of furniture work hand in hand.”

Christoph Röthlisberger, technical manager

“The concentric circles of lighter or darker wood, the tree rings, is the most beautiful picture nature has drawn to tell about growth. I never fail to admire those unique natural pattern and I am well aware of the privilege to work with this material. I enjoy to compose new pictures that will speak to our clients and tell them their own stories in their own homes.”

Klaus Langenegger, veneer expert

“I truly love my job and my creative task. I never tire of listening to my clients, learning about their experiences which shaped their personality, their values and their lifestyle. This provides for the solid foundation on which we start to create their unique kitchen in their own vision.
In my opinion, form follows function. My work is most about matching the personal habits and individual preferences of my clients. The only limit is imagination. My aim is achieved when I deliver a plan for a kitchen which comes out as uncompromising as the very values my clients live by: made to measure down to each and every detail. That's the strong point of my profession as a joiner.”

Ueli Arm, consultant and sales manager


“It's the creativity I enjoy most when planning and discussing projects with a client. Their ideas and dreams sometimes become a tricky challenge to our skills and engineering experience and it's a real pleasure to finally come up with stunningly simple solutions.”

Matthias Lanz, project manager

Learn more about the passion and attitude of our team

Room to inspire
in 360-degree

Welcome to a virtual 360-degree panorama tour
promoting our show room

The treasure box
in the very heart
of Langnau

Our show room might not be the world's greatest exhibition of kitchens and furniture but it certainly counts for one of the most treasured.

The address speaks for itself: 1A

As we opened up our showroom on June 28th in 2014 it was quite an event for the small town of Langnau in the Emmental. For our team of joiners this date marked a major step in the development of our company. Finally we got a place to display our creations, an atelier full of inspiration, and the possibility to make EMME handcraftsmanship tangible.

The short film shot on June 28th in 2014 captures a few impressions of the opening event and provides an additional means to get a picture of our showroom. It might also help to to understand our motivation. Our work is all about beauty, about fine craftsmanship, about the experience of joy and quality and about our families and friends deeply rooted in the Emmental.

Thinking about our strive for perfection, our address in Langnau is easy to remember and even more easy to find in the very heart of the small town: simply 1A. Apart from an abundance of inspirations our showroom also houses our planning atelier including colour- & light-studio and the 3D cinema.

Dorfstrasse 1A ~ 3550 Langnau im Emmental
T +41 34 497 72 72  ~  F +41 34 497 72 70

We are open from TUE to FRI 1.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Visits, consultations and planning discussions outside business hours by appointment only.
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